How Steven Saved E.T.

In a surprising last minute revelation, Steven Spielberg has revealed that the plans for E.T. The Extra Terrestrial have changed dramatically. As originally announced, a two-disc DVD would contain the retooled 20th anniversary edition of the film, while an expensive three disc pack contained both versions of the film. Now Spielberg has stepped in and made sure the 1982 version will be included on all versions of the DVD.

According to Spielberg, “When people buy “E.T.” I want them to know they have the original movie, not just for collectors and aficionados, but for everybody who remembers it and wants to continue remembering it just that way.” This seems a surprising statement from the director who as of late has been a seeming fan of revisionist film history. But the statement is no less welcome for it. Even though the situation is now as it should have been in the first place, a special thanks goes out to Mr. Spielberg for maintaining the integrity of his film.

The various versions of the DVD are still scheduled for release a week from today on October 22nd, and still sadly only available for a ten week period.

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