George Harrison celebrated in music

Music Video Distribution will release a special DVD/CD set celebrating the late Beatle star George Harrison in George Harrison: The Quiet One. The disc will street in early 2003.

George Harrison was the youngest member of the world famous group The Beatles. A man of many contradictions, he was known as the ‘quiet one’, although Monty Python’s Eric Idle once remarked, George never stopped talking. He was the melancholy one who had a great sense of humor. The simple spiritual man who had a passion for motor racing and enjoyed his immense wealth. This program explores his complex nature and his life journey with interviews with those that were close to him, and using rare film footage we examine his undoubted musical talent, his time with the Beatles, and his long held spiritual beliefs that were a comfort to him until his untimely death, at just 58.

In addition to the DVD, the set will also include a CD featuring the voice of George Harrison. In his own words, he provides a rare insight into the man of music, his thoughts on peace and love and his friendship and sometimes-strained relationships with Lennon, McCartney and Ringo Starr. A 32 page booklet is also included.

Arriving on January 28th, the set will have a suggested retail price of $19.95.

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