Fat City and Quicksilver get stripped down releases

Two inspirational dramas are coming from Columbia TriStar. The boxing story Fat City, and the labor story Quicksilver are both getting basic releases this December.

Jeff Bridges stars as the likeable, simpleminded amateur boxer on a brief rise who catches the eye of an aging fighter heading downward in “Fat City”, the 1972 film by John Huston based on the novel by Leonard Gardner. Keach’s character becomes the younger man’s mentor, and the two hit central California’s tanktown circuit of small matches for small money, interspersed with visits to smoke-filled bars and hellish gyms. Theirs is a cut-rate dream, but real and driving and, finally, simply punishing.

In “Quicksilver” a hotshot stockbroker bets it all — and loses it all — in one day, effectively ruining his clients financially while at the same time destroying his own career. Naturally, he turns to that old stockbroker standby: he becomes a bicycle messenger. Eventually, Bacon leads the exploited masses of messengers with whom he’s been working in an uprising against unfair labor practices.

Sadly, both DVDs will be as bare bones as you can get. “Quicksilver” will be presented in fullscreen and “Fat City” will be presented in anamorphic widescreen. Neither disc will contain any features.

Arriving on December 10th and 12th respectively, “Quicksilver” and “Fat City” will be priced at $19.95 each.

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