Columbia TriStar spends An Evening with Kevin Smith

The charming film director Kevin Smith toured the country to talk with his fans, and Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment was there. Now the interviews and discussions come together in An Evening with Kevin Smith.

“An Evening with Kevin Smith” is a no-holds barred Q&A session with one of Hollywood’s most popular and gifted indie filmmakers and renowned comic book writer (“Daredevil” and “Green Arrow”) as he shares his own unique life experiences, anecdotes and witticisms. Infamous for picking apart the pop culture landscape, the New Jersey native has become a veritable icon of independent film. Smith gives us a new lens to examine spirituality, sexuality, and human relationships. Get up close and – at times – very personal with the man everyone has been waiting to hear from!

Although the feature spans two discs, the set contains no extras to speak of. The film will be presented in anamorphic widescreen.

Coming on December 17th, the set will be priced at $27.95.

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