Star Trek: The Next Generation concludes quickly

As has been rumored for some time at retailers, Paramount Home Entertainment has officially upped the schedule pacing on the remainder of one of their flagship shows. Star Trek: The Next Generation will see the release of seasons five, six and seven before the year is out.

The final three seasons of Star Trek: TNG resolved Worf’s dishonor, sent the crew to the days of Samuel Clemons, introduced us to Ensign Ro, stopped a Borg Revolution, and ended right where the series began; with Picard answering to Q for the crimes of humanity. But in the end we learn that perhaps Q’s intentions weren’t entirely selfish, and that humanity was only beginning its journey into the unknown.

All three sets will be nearly identical to each other and their predecessors. Each will contain 26 episodes over seven discs presented in fullscreen with audio in stereo and newly mixed Dolby Digital 5.1 Season five will include the featurettes, “Mission Overview: Year Five”, “Departmental Briefing – Year Five: Production”, “Memorable Missions: Year Five” and “A Tribute to Gene Roddenberry”. Season six features the continuations in “Mission Overview: Year Six”, “Departmental Briefing – Year Six: Production” and “Memorable Missions: Year Six”. Finally season seven wraps up all of these continuing featurette series with “Mission Overview: Year Seven”, “Departmental Briefing – Year Seven: Production” and “Memorable Missions: Year Seven”.

It was a heck of a seven year run setting ratings records for syndicated television and bringing Star Trek to a whole new generation of Trekkers. All three sets will be priced at $134.99 and will be released on November 5th, December 3rd, and New Year’s Eve December 31st respectively. Now the wait is on for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

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