Roger Rabbit P-p-p-p-please

It looks like another of the oft delayed titles that have achieved infamy in their absence is finally making its way to DVD in 2003. Who Framed Roger Rabbit has been given the green light from Buena Vista Home Entertainment for a special edition.

News at this time is as scarce as an animated bunny in a Dip factory, but plenty of extras including the shorts Tummy Trouble, Trail Mix-Up and Rollercoaster Rabbit are being examined for release. As the release grows closer, the question on everyone’s mind will likely be how altered the disc presentation will be from the original theatrical version since most video releases have had minor edits throughout the years. Al we know now is that a great deal of care is being put into the title, even going so far as to animate new backgrounds for the menu screens. Any new info will be posted here when it arrives.

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