Red Dwarf Series I crashes to Earth

The long-running British sci-fi/comedy Red Dwarf has garnered quite a fan base on both sides of the Atlantic, and although the Region II version of the series will arrive before its appearance on our shores, Season I, (or Series I) will arrive this February on DVD.

Despite the shows twelve years and eight seasons, the entire run of Red Dwarf contained only 52 episodes. Series One contains only six episodes; The End, Future Echoes, Balance of Power, Waiting for God, Confidence and Paranoia and Me2. The first six episodes introduced us to Dave Lister, the only remaining human, and his travels on the mining ship Red Dwarf.

Quite a few special features will be presented in the set including a cast commentary and a director commentary for the episode The End, the Launching Red Dwarf documentary, deleted scenes, smeg ups, a trailer, a drunk featurette, a photo gallery, a Japanese version of The End, raw effects footage, an isolated score, and talking book chapters.

Although the first season will arrive on November 4th in the UK, the set will arrive in the US in February.

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