Ranma ½ is Outta Control

The popular anime series Ranma ½ is getting another season brought to DVD here in the U.S. Ranma ½: Outta Control: TV Anime Season #4 is coming in November from Pioneer Home Entertainment.

In Ranma 1/2 Outta Control, the fourth season of adventures based on the comics of Rumiko Takahashi, we’re introduced to Ranma’s high school principal, the infamous Gambling King, Ranma’s mom, an all-Ryoga episode and more! The martial arts madness never stops with twenty-four more TV episodes of comedy, romance, and mayhem! That’s over 5 hours of Ranma mayhem!
Coming as a four disc set, each episode will be presented in its original fullscreen and stereo. Extras on the set will include a line art gallery, a textless opening & closing and actor profiles.

The release date has been set for November 12th, and the total suggested retail comes to $119.98. Kind of makes you want to splash some cold water on your face.

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