DreamWorks files a Minority Report

I can see the future. DreamWorks SKG Home Entertainment is preparing Steven Spielberg’s latest directorial entry, Minority Report for a fall release on DVD.

John Anderton works in the Pre-Crime division of the future LAPD – a system which can see violent crime before it occurs. Like so many films before, a cop swears by the flawlessness of the system until it turns against him. But unlike so many like stories, “Minority Report” defies cliché and Anderton must deal with the fact that pre-crime has determined he will kill a man he has never met.

Unlike many recent DreamWorks releases, a fullscreen and widescreen version will be made available separately. Both versions will contain audio in Dolby Digital 5.1 and being a Spielberg film, in DTS 5.1. Supplements will be identical on both discs including featurettes, still galleries, production notes, cast and crew filmographies, theatrical trailers and TV commercials.

A minimum advertised price of $19.95 has been placed on both DVDs which will arrive on December 17th. It will happen.

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