Choices Select launches a new line

Choices Select is about to begin a new series of documentaries examining the lives of some of our world’s leading artists. The first two titles in the series will be Intervista and The Hours of Time which will examine the lives of Federico Fellini and John Lennon respectively.

Intervista follows the making of a documentary by Fellini that also serves as his semi-autobiography. Fellini’s mind wanders to various events in his life which demonstrate his fascination with filmmaking and his unique modus operandi. Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg, stars of La Dolce Vita, co-star in the film. The DVD’s special features include interviews with Ken Wlaschin, the Director of Creative Affairs for The American Film Institute and I Fellini author, Charlotte Chandler.

Hailed as “The best American Indie in many many years” by the Village Voice and “A sharp, concise, evocative film” by the New York Times, The Hours And Times is a gripping glimpse at the genuine yet tense friendship of John Lennon and the Beatles manager Brian Epstein, which has long been the subject of speculation and myth. Written and directed by Christopher Münch, The Hours And Times is a fictional account of what may have transpired between the men during a four day holiday.

Although no price has been set for these releases, both will be available on October 19th.

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