Oh, Boy. Quantum Leap on DVD.

The floodgates are open. Releasing television series on home video was completely unpractical six years ago, but the convenience of DVD has showed studios that fans will buy up television programming on DVD. As many television shows have been announced over the last month or so, it appears that a great deal more are coming. Universal Studios Home Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Warner Brothers Home Video and Paramount Home Entertainment have all recently announced commitment to television on DVD. One of the first new series coming from this announcement is the science fiction drama Quantum Leap due in 2003.

Before Scott Bacula traveled through space as the captain of the Enterprise, he traveled through time as Sam Beckett, a scientist who discovered the ability to leap through time, from person to person, within his own lifetime. Along with his friend Al, who appeared to Sam as a hologram from the future, Sam used the ability not for personal gain, but to help fix other’s lives which had gone astray.

Although the pilot of this series is out there on a discontinued DVD, it looks like the rest of the series will follow. Although no information is available on prices, specs, or features. Information on the show and likely many other popular series will be coming down the pipeline soon.

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