New films from First Run

First Run Features is ready to release two new films to DVD, the harsh documentary Fighter and the Swedish drama Good Evening, Mr. Wallendberg, both scheduled for an October release.

A unique adventure unfolds in “Fighter” as two friends take a risky road trip into their past. Together, Jan Wiener and Arnost Lustig — both survivors of Hitler’s invasion of Czechoslovakia and now living in America — revisit scenes of romance and humor, of narrow escapes from life-or-death confrontations. But their journey home becomes a clash of personalities that takes their friendship to the brink.

Presented in fullscreen, the new DVD will feature an audio commentary, bonus footage, a photo gallery, cast and crew filmographies and the original theatrical trailer.

“Good Evening, Mr. Wallendberg” is the story of Swedish businessman Raoul Wallenberg who helped Jews in Budapest, Hungary in 1944 obtain Swedish passports to get them out of Adolph Eichmann’s deadly path. He saved over 60,000 people in Budapest’s Jewish ghetto

The film will be presented in widescreen, contain a director intro, cast and crew filmographies and a theatrical trailer. No word on what language or languages the DVD will be presented in

Both films are scheduled for an October 22nd release. “Fighter” will be available for $29.95 while “Good Evening, Mr. Wallendberg” will be priced at $22.95.

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