MPI prepares Lakeboat

David Mamet’s pen and Joe Mantegna’s directorial debut helped create a tightly woven stoy in Lakeboat, which will be coming to DVD this fall from MTI Entertainment.

Our story follows Dale as he comes aboard the Seaway Queen and is exposed to a world he never would have known existed. Through his eyes, we bear witness to the unexplored emotions and unfounded fears of a crew of men whose lives are relegated to remembering, rather than living, their dreams. When a night cook, Guigliani fails to appear for the ship’s departure, his fate becomes the grist for a mill of outrageous rumors. Rolled, mugged, beaten, gambling bets unpaid, drunk, rubbed out? Individual fantasies and fears contribute to the tale that provides some glue for the boat’s family of men. Here is the bachelor in his raw form, debating pleasures of alcohol, cards, books, work, magazines, time and the dangers of women.

In addition to the film proper, the DVD will also carry a theatrical trailer and cast and crew biorgraphies.

Arriving on September 24th, 2002, the DVD will carry a suggested retail price of $24.95.

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