How High

How High

Submitted by Joe Hoffmann

On Universal Home Video’s release of “How High” you can find a few extra materials hidden on the DVD.

From the disc’s Main Menu, go to the “Bonus Materials.” Then, highlight the “Hide The Stash” menu entry and press the “Right” arrow key on your remote control. This will highlight a lighter and if you press “Enter” you will get to see a clip showing some dancing scenes from “Pimpology 1 & 2.”

The second hidden feature is actually finding the hidden stash. When you select “Hide the Stash” you will see a clip telling the viewer to find out where the stash has disappeared to. Throughout the Bonus Material menu screens, there are various “420’s hidden that can be reached by using the direction buttons on the DVD remote. Each 420 contains a unique clip, and the ”stash“ is found on the third and final bonus menu screen between the legs of the two girls pictured. The 420 can be reached by pressing the ”Right“ arrow key while the ”DVD newsletter’ option is highlighted.

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