Eclectic explores the life of Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee has become one of the world’s most enigmatic icons. While much of his life has been shrouded in mystery, Eclectic DVD and Waterfall Home Entertainment are preparing a new 60 minute documentary aptly titled Bruce Lee: The Legend Lives On.

In common with many Chinese people of his generation, Bruce Lee’s father was a superstitious man believing that a demon was chasing him and that upon his death; the demon would pursue his son. Perhaps a profound belief when you consider the tragic circumstances surrounding the death of Bruce Lee and that of his son, Brandon. Bruce was encouraged by his father to begin learning the ancient martial arts of Wing Chun at a very early age and his teacher Yip Man, was probably the most famous teacher of this form of martial arts. Piecing together rare early footage of Bruce practicing and teaching Jeet Kune Do, his own form of martial arts, and explaining the power held within the ‘one inch’ punch, together with in-depth interviews with the people that knew and worked with Lee, such as film stars James Coburn, Jacki Chan, Bob Wall, Van Williams, Brandon Lee, Lee’s brother – Robert and many friends and associates from both the martial arts and film world. This program presents the viewer with a complete and comprehensive profile provided by the people who were privileged to have insight into Bruce Lee, the man behind the legend.

Presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 this region free DVD will be available on October 1st for $14.95.

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