Details on Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 4

Previously announced for a September release from Paramount Home Entertainment, the final details are in on Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Complete Fourth Season.

Building on the excellence of Season Three, Season Four opened with the conclusion of the fine cliffhanger, “The Best of Both Worlds,” and ended with the powerful Klingon civil war of “Redemption.” The season also spotlighted such returning characters as Worf’s paramour K’Ehleyr, Picard’s Risa partner-in-crime Vash and Data’s duplicitous brother Lore. Viewers were also introduced to Tasha Yar’s mysterious half-Romulan daughter Sela. In the midst of all these reappearances and introductions, the season featured at least one good-bye: Wesley Crusher departed for Starfleet Academy after a poignant final mission with Captain Picard.

All twenty six episodes will be presented in the seven disc set in their original fullscreen and with audio in both Dolby Surround 2.0 and remixed Dolby Digital 5.1. The episodes are as follows.

Disc 1: The Best of Both Worlds, Part II, Family, Brothers and Suddenly Human

Disc 2: Remember Me, Legacy, Reunion and Future Imperfect

Disc 3: Final Mission, The Loss, Data’s Day and The Wounded

Disc 4: Devil’s Due, Clues, First Contact and Galaxy’s Child

Disc 5: Night Terrors, Identity Crisis, The Nth Degree and QPid

Disc 6: The Drumhead, Half a Life, The Host and The Mind’s Eye

Disc 7: In Theory, Redemption, Part I and Special Features.

The extras on disc seven continue in the vain of the first three box sets and will include the featurettes Mission Overview, which contains old and new cast interviews on the major changes in season four, Selected Crew Analysis: An in-depth look at the growth of continuing characters, Departmental Briefing — Year Four Production: A behind-the-scenes look at certain episodes from the production crew’s point of view, New Life and New Civilizations and Chronicles From The Final Frontier.

Like previous seasons, no suggested retail price has been placed on this set, but the season will be available on September 3rd, followed by Star Trek III in October, season five in November, and seasons six and seven in the months that follow. So start saving up those Trek-bucks.

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