Central Park prepares for Harmagedon

Central Park prepares for Harmagedon

Twenty years after its release, the Japanese animated action film Harmagedon has gathered quite a cult following, and Central Park Media is prepared to please those folks with an impressive new release of the film on DVD this fall.

From the darkest depths of space, an eternal, malevolent being approaches the earth after having already destroyed half the universe. Princess Luna must assemble a group of fledgling psychic warriors to fight Genma, an eternal, malevolent being who has already destroyed half the universe and Earth is in his path.

The film is presented in fullscreen with audio in both English and Japanese with optional English subtitles. Although a current featureless version of the DVD is currently available, the new disc will contain a director’s commentary, the “History of Harmagedon” featurette, an art gallery and a theatrical trailer.

The new disc will arrive on shelves on October 8th, and will carry a suggested retail price of $29.99.

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