Warner promises Death to Smoochy

Despite a top level cast and wickedly dark story, Death to Smoochy never gained the audience it hoped for, but Warner Brothers Home Entertainment sticks by the film with a special edition release this fall.

Randolph has it all – as the costumed star of the highest rated kid’s show on TV, “Rainbow Randolph” has a Manhattan penthouse, a Times Square billboard featuring his beloved character, cars , boats, horses and all the indulgence that celebrity brings. Until he get’s caught by the Feds in an under the table bribe, busted and instantly reviled, Randolph is a star no more. Enter Sheldon Mopes and his alter-ego “Smoochy”, a puffy, fuscia rhinoceros. Smoochy is the perfect remedy for what ails the networks…Now it’s Smoochy who’s got the swanky penthouse. Broke and homeless, Randolph seeks revenge on the Rhino that stole his job, his house and his life.

A widescreen and fullscreen version of the film will be released separately. Both will carry a Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack as well as an audio commentary with Danny DeVito, a behind-the-scenes documentary, eleven deleted scenes, bloopers and outtakes, an interactive ice show, storyboards, production stills.

September 17th is the release date and $26.98 is the suggested retail price, but you can pick it up at The DVD Review Store for $18.85.

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