Warner has got It

Despite being considered by many to be one of Steven King’s scariest novels, the made for television movie Steven King’s It can’t help being a load of fun. A long overdue DVD will be arriving in time for Halloween this year.

A mysterious entity just outside of town has been re-emerging every thirty years to terrorize the local children. In the late fifties, the children stand up for themselves and take the creature down. But thirty years later, just like clockwork, the monster emerges again and the children, now grown, must return to face the beast once and for all.

The new DVD will present the film in its original fullscreen and will contain a full length audio commentary with director Tommy Lee Wallace and several members of the cast.

On October 1st, It will return, and this time for good. You can pick it up for $19.99 or swing by the DVD Review Store and pick it up for a cool $13.99.

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