Tron: Collector’s Edition

Tron: Collector’s Edition

Submitted by Justin Cole and Stephen Moffat

There is some hidden stuff to be found on Buena Vista Home Entertainment’s 2-disc Collector’s Edition release of “Tron” if you know where to look.

Insert the second disc of the set in you player, the one with the bonus materials. From the main menu select “Publicity” and there hit the “down” arrow key on your remote control three times to highlight a hidden menu entry. If you press “Enter” it will take you to the “DVD Credits” telling you about the people who put together this incredible package.

There is another cool feature hidden on the disc, which can be found if you keep watching the main menu until the loop is over. At the end of it you will be able to see a reference to If you visit that web address you will get to a website that appears to be defunct but upon closer examination will reveal itself as an ominous hint at the future. Could there be plans for a sequel to “Tron?”

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