Star Trek: The Next Generation goes to season five

Instead of trying to be clever by claiming the fifth season of the popular series Star Trek: The Next Generation will be beaming to shelves or coming at warp speed, I will merely state my excitement at Paramount Home Entertainment’s continued commitment to an excellent series and one of their strongest franchises.

The fifth season set will contain all twenty-six episodes of the fifth season of The Next Generation that originally aired in 1991-1992. The season which begins with Worf’s loyalties being split between Starfleet and his native Klingon traditions, spans a tremendous year which introduces us to the Cardassians and Ensign Ro, teaches us the tale of Darmok, brings us to the aid of a certain renegade Vulcan from a generation gone by, and ultimately leads to a centuries old puzzle that can only be solved with the aid of the enigmatic Guinan and… Mark Twain.

Each episode will be presented in fullscreen and audio in its original Dolby Surround as well as a newly mixed Dolby Digital 5.1 mix. Features have yet to be announced but will likely mirror the features of earlier sets.

For Trek fans waiting to add another color-laced silver box (this time and attractive sky blue) to their collection, November 5th is the day, less than six weeks shy of the premiere of Picard’s next big film adventure.

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