Not Another Teen Movie

Not Another Teen Movie

Submitted by Chris Moore, Ben Breen and Brian D’Amico

On Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment’s Special Edition release of “Not Another Teen Movie” you can find some cool Easter Eggs that are hidden on the disc.

From the disc’s Main Menu go to the “Special Features” menu and there go to the second page of features. Now, select “Theatrical Trailers” and on the upcoming menu screen, highlight the “Special Features” menu entry. Press the “right” arrow key on your remote control now and a belly button ring will appear in the background. Press “Enter” and you will get to see footage of the real-life marriage proposal of the film’s main stars during the shoot of the film.

Another one can be found in the disc’s “Secne Selections.” Go to the first page of the scene selections and highlight the duck at the bottom of the screen. Now, press the “Down” arrow key on your remote control to highlight a lipstick mark on Reggie-Ray’s butt. If you press “Enter” now you will have the dubious pleasure of watching 9 different takes of the “Cruelest Girl in School” kissing the old lady!

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