Memento: Limited Edition

Memento: Limited Edition

Submitted by Tom Yates and Michael Douglass

Since the movie “Memento” can be bit confusing to certain viewers with its constant out-of-order flashbacks, Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment has decided to include a version of the film on the Limited Edition release that is sorted in chronological order, allowing you to watch all the movie’s events unfold from beginning to end.

In order to get to this version of the movie, insert the second disc of the 2-disc set and wait until the main menu in the form of a psychological test appears. Once you see all the different images of the test on the screen, select the clock. This will present you with a series of multiple-choice questions. Answer each of the questions with “C” and you will be taken to another test in which you will have to put a series of images of a woman changing a car tire in the right order.

To get to the hidden feature, the key here is to put them in reverse chronological order by selecting 3, 4, 1 and 2. Once you have done that the movie’s credits will begin to run backwards and then the film will start to run in the proper chronological order.

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