From Hell

From Hell

Submitted by John Kwong

On 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment’s 2-disc Limited Edition of the Jack the Ripper thriller “From Hell” you can find some additional material that is hidden on the discs.

On the first disc of the set, from the Main Menu go to the “Language Selection” submenu. There, highlight the “Main Menu” entry at the bottom of the page and then press the “Right” arrow key on your remote control. The eye will now open and by pressing “Enter” you can take a look at the DVD production credits.

Now insert the second disc of the set and on the Main Menu highlight the menu entry called “Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder.” Then press the “Down” arrow key on your remote control, and then press the “Right” arrow key. This will highlight one of the surgical instruments in the background. Press “Enter” now and you will get to watch “Jack The Ripper: The Final Solution” in its entire 45-minute running length. It explains the various theories on the subject as well as some of the original pieces of evidence from the case.

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