DVD Disc creation facility launches full-service operation

Today Ambient Digital Media announced the launch of its new authoring and compression facility, located in Santa Monica, California. ADM is positioned to provide full service DVD disc creation to a variety of content developers, resulting in completely formatted DVD disc images delivered on DLT tapes. ADM specializes in the creation and subsequent testing of the disc image to ensure maximum compatibility with DVD playback equipment including MPEG-2 video compression as well as user interface design and authoring.

The initial focus of Ambient Digital Media is on the underserved international DVD marketplace, which includes regions two, three and four (European, Latin American and Asian markets) in addition to the robust North American market. The increase in demand for the authoring of domestic television products is the second tentacle of ADM’s business plan.

“As the retail costs of DVD continue to drop, current compression and authoring facilities will be pressured to reduce fees,” said Derek Haase, EVP for ADM. “Unlike facilities with high overhead costs that will be unable to accommodate this market trend, ADM is poised to provide quality services at reasonable rates.”

“The standards that drive Ambient Digital Media are quality, accuracy and timeliness,” continued Hasse. “These standards along with the maintenance of low overhead operating costs, allow us to achieve our goal of providing our clients savings without the sacrifice of quality.

“Ambient Digital Media works one-on-one with its customers throughout the authoring and compression procedure to ensure their understanding of the seemingly enigmatic process,” said Rick Watson, EVP of ADM. “Our services achieve complete accuracy due to interactive testing and emulation before the reaching the manufacturing phase.”

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