Buena Vista jumps on the TV bandwagon

Several days ago, Buena Vista Home Entertainment made it known that they were preparing to enter the fray of television series on DVD. The official word came in this morning on three eagerly anticipated titles; Felicity: Season One, Once and Again: Season One and Sports Night: The Complete Series.

The first season of Felicity lets fans relive the excitement as Felicity experiences her first taste of freedom and independence in New York City. The DVD set comprises the complete first season, including the pilot episode. Once and Again follows the relationship of a divorced dad and a separated mother, and their ties to their extended families. Again here, the entire first season is included in the set. Finally, Sports Night’s critically acclaimed mix of drama and comedy comes as a completed series with episodes from both seasons of the short lived show about the cast and crew of a struggling late-night sports program.

Although Buena Vista should be congratulated on going right to the season by season releases, the people in the extras department should get a stern talking to. Each series is presented in its original fullscreen, but with absolutely no extras at all. Still, its always a pleasant surprise to get a lesser recognized jewel like Sports Night, regardless of the extras.

Conveniently, all three releases will arrive on November 5th and will be priced at $79.99.

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