Babylon 5 and South Park go to season sets

Two of the most requested series to go to season by season box sets from Warner Brothers Home Entertainment are the sci-fi soap opera Babylon 5 and the ever-envelope pushing comedy South Park, both series will join the throng of television series being presented season by season on DVD.

The first season of Babylon 5, labeled Signs and Portents, contains all 22 episodes from the 1994 first season in which an untried crew learn to deal with bringing peace to a savage area of space and learning to deal with the religious and political ideologies of the species they encounter. South Park took a slightly different route with its first season. All thirteen episodes from the 1997-98 season are included following the random adventures of four poorly animated and even more poorly disciplines boys from small town South Park, Colorado.

No official word has come in from Warner on specs and features, but the creators of both programs have put in time on their respective web sites promising personal involvement with the sets, which means a likely commitment to video and audio quality and some decent extras.

B5 and South Park will be coming to DVD on November 5th and 12th for $99.95 and $39.95 respectively.

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