Universal plays The Game

When director David Fincher isn’t making a brilliant mind-altering morality tale of a film, he spends his time making darned exciting thriller. Such is the case with his 1997 brain teaser The Game. Although Criterion has toyed with creating a special edition of the film in the future, the movie went out of print when USA folded. True to their word, Universal Studios Home Entertainment has picked up the ball, and will release their own version of the disc this summer.

Nicholas Van Orton is a shrewdly successful businessman who is accustomed to being in control of each facet of his investments and relationships. His well ordered life undergoes a profound change, however, when his brother Conrad gives him an unexpected birthday gift that soon has devastating consequences.

Released with both an anamorphic widescreen and pan and scan transfer, the upcoming release will contain a Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack. The will most likely be identical to the earlier USA release.

Coming back to retail on August 27th, “The Game” will boast a $19.98 price tag.

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