Teen Wolf double feature

A MGM Home Entertainment continues to release eighties comedies they have finally stumbled upon the bizarre Teen Wolf movies. Rather than release both films separately, MGM has decided to release both Teen Wolf and Teen Wolf Too on one DVD.

In “Teen Wolf”, an odd-ball teenager discovers he is a werewolf. With the change, he becomes the star of the basketball team and the school’s most popular party animal. Then in “Teen Wolf Too”, Teen Wolf’s cousin goes to college on a boxing scholarship. Once there, he finds himself struggling to get by, that is until things get “hairy!”.

Despite the relative novelty of owning these films, no special features will come on the disc. A new anamorphic widescreen will grace both films however.

Coming on August 27th, the hairy double feature will hit DVD with a suggested retail price of $14.95. Get your copy now from the DVD Review Store for only $10.47!

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