New upgrades from Columbia TriStar

Now that the Superbit titles have begun to take off, Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment has announced two new titles to join the line; Anaconda and A Knight’s Tale will join the party in
Man’s greatest fear lurks in the depths of the jungle in the form of an “Anaconda”. Journey into the heart of the Amazon with sexy Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube and Jon Voight in this gut-wrenching thriller about a deadly encounter with the world’s most vicious snake. Its bite is legendary, its hunger unstoppable, its power unimaginable.

“A Knight’s Tale” is the rousing story of lowborn William Thatcher’s quest to change his stars, win the heart of an exceedingly fair maiden and rock his medieval world. Follow this fearless squire and his band of medieval misfits as they careen their way toward impossible glory that’s part romance, part road trip and part exuberant swashbuckler.

Like all Superbit titles, the discs will come with anamorphic widescreen transfers, Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1 sound, and no features whatsoever in favor of a higher bitrate.

Knights, maidens and giant snakes will all make their Suberbit debut on August 27th and will be available from the DVD Review Store for $18.17 each.

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