MGM Home Entertainment brings back Bond, James Bond

MGM Home Entertainment is dusting off its biggest franchise once again this fall. To help promote the release of the next James Bond movie, “Die Another Day,” which will hit theaters in November, the studio will re-release a selection of the James Bond films on DVD in October.

On October 22, the studio will re-release “Dr. No,” “Goldeneye,” “Goldfinger,” “License To Kill,” “The Man With The Golden Gun,” “The Spy Who Loved Me,” and “Tomorrow Never Dies.” Each of the films will be available individually with a $19.98 price tag, or you can own the entire set for $124.96.

The contents of the re-release are identical with the previously released Special Editions of the movies so there won’t be any need to re-purchase any of the DVDs. However, MGM feels that the market has grown so enormously since the DVDs were put on moratorium in early 2001 that out of the 40 million DVD users expected to be out there this fall, most haven’t had the chance to actually buy these films when they were previously released.

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