Ken Burns presents The Civil War

Master documentarian Ken Burns has given us documentary after documentary revealing the fascination aspects of American history. Although many of his better known documentaries have already arrived on DVD from PBS Gold Home Video and Warner Brothers Home Video, perhaps his greatest work, The Civil War has remained strangely absent. The eleven hour giant will finally make its bow on DVD this September.

Hailed as a documentary masterpiece without parallel, Ken Burns’ filmed chronicle of America’s most terrible and destructive conflict will hold you in thrall as it portrays the strategies and action of the war’s famous battles, and tells the stories of illustrious generals and ordinary field soldiers, politicians and rogues, heroes and a beleaguered President. Winner of two Emmy Awards, the series begins by looking at the fateful causes of the war that led to the firing on Fort Sumter, to the devastating battles of Shiloh, Antietam and Gettysburg, climaxing with Lee’s surrender and the assassination of President Lincoln. Vivid photographic imagery and narration by many of today’s most acclaimed performers highlight this epic program. Titles are: “The Cause of 1862,” “A Very Bloody Affair 1862,” “Forever Free 1862,” “Simply Murder 1863,” “The Universe of Battle 1863,” “Valley of the Shadow of Death 1864,” “Most Hallowed Ground 1864,” “War Is All Hell 1865,” and “The Better Angles of Our Nature 1865”.

No details have arrived yet on specs, features or price, but the multi-disc set will arrive on DVD finally on September 17th of this year. Clear a large space on your DVD shelf.

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