It’s Showtime

Eddie Murphy and Robert DeNiro make an interesting pair. Throw in Rene Russo and William Shatner and it becomes one enjoyable film. Showtime is about to come to DVD thanks to Warner Brothers Home Entertainment.

No-nonsense L.A.P.D. detective Mitch Preston wants is to be left alone to do his job the way he’s been doing it for years. Patrol Officer Trey Sellars would rather play a cop on TV. When Mitch’s chance of nailing a gang of drug dealers is blown and then his pursuit hindered by a television news crew, he fires a shot at the camera crew, landing him an official reprimand that makes him an instant media celebrity. Network television producer Chase Renzi swoops in and sells the Chief of Police on the PR benefits of letting her crew follow Mitch around the clock for a reality show about cops. It’s the last thing in the world Mitch wants to do but the only thing that will get him off suspension. Renzi teams him up with a charming, talkative, camera-ready partner, Trey. Together, they become the stars of the biggest hit reality show in television history.

Two separate releases of the film will be available, on in anamorphic widescreen and one in fullscreen. The separate releases will be otherwise identical including an audio commentary by Tom Dey, Jorge Saralegui and Billy Weber the HBO making of featurette, extended scenes, a trailer and cast and crew filmographies.

Arriving on August 13th, the price on the box will be $26.98.

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