Go behind the Chelsea Walls

Relative DVD newcomer Studio S Home Entertainment is gearing up for a new special edition of the semi-historical film Chelsea Walls. The film directed by Ethan Hawke tells the story of New York’s historic Chelsea Hotel in a way that captured audiences last fall.

The Chelsea Hotel used to be the place to live for New York artists. Mark Twain, Thomas Wolfe, Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix; they all passed through the hotel’s halls. To this day, even though the iron facade has become rusty, new dreamers come every day, hoping to be inspired by the ghosts of the past. This movie tell five stories set in a single day at the Chelsea Hotel in New York City, involving an ensemble cast of some 30-35 characters.

Presented in widescreen with its original stereo soundtrack, Studio S seems to be off to a good start with this DVD which includes an audio commentary with Ethan Hawke, cast and crew Interviews, bonus Footage and a short film by Hawke. Overall an impressive feature list for an independent release.

Hitting stores on August 6th, the new DVD will carry a suggested retail price of $24.95.

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