Enter the world of Dinotopia this fall

Artisan Home Entertainment and Hallmark Home Entertainment are currently preparing a DVD release of the TV mini-series Dinotopia for release in July.

When brothers Karl and David crash-land into the fantastic world of Dinotopia, adventure reaches colossal heights! In this extraordinary place, dinosaurs and humans interact and coexist in harmony. But soon, Dinotopia is threatened by a dangerous force, and it’s up to the boys and their newfound friends to save the day… and this magical land.

The DVD will contain the entire 285-minute film on 2 discs, complete with an assortment of Deleted Scenes and Bloopers. Biographies of the human and the dinosaur stars will be supplied on the DVD, as well as a “Making Of” Featurette. Further you will find a Trivia Game on this release and Dinosaur Facts and Sounds. The DVD is rounded out by a 3D Motion Photo Gallery and the skybax Pilot Computer Game for your PC.

“Dinotopis” will be in store on July 30 at a suggested retail rpcie of only $19.98. You can now order your copy from the DVD Review Store for only $13.99!

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