Warner Home Video brings out the giant mutant ants in Them!

While fans of the classic B-horror have been served quite well in the past with great DVD release, Science Fiction fans were still forced to hold out. It seems to be changing, however. Jack Arnold’s “It Came From Outer Space” is just to be released by Universal and today Warner Home Video made details available about the release of Them! in August.

Radiation from atomic bomb tests in the desert of Nevada create giant, mutant ants that descend upon a town. Scientists and the army try to control the problem but through their subterranean tunnel system the giant ants seem to be everywhere. Will they be able to control these monsters before they destroy mankind?

Warner Home Video will release “Them!” in its original fullscreen presentation in glorious black and white. No other details about the DVD have been announced yet.

“Them!” will be released on August 6 and carry a suggested retail price of $19.98! You can already preorder this exciting release at our DVD Review Store for only $13.99! Now, if only Universal would finally give us a chance to witness “Tarantula” on DVD…

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