Paramount approaches a Crossroads

Paramount Home Entertainment must have felt that Britney Spears needed more exposure by giving her a movie. Crossroads which failed to hit its target the first time around is coming to DVD for a second shot.

“Crossroads” is the story of three childhood friends, Lucy (Britney Spears), Kit (Zoe Saldana) and Mimi (Taryn Manning), who, after eight years apart, rediscover their friendship on a cross-country trip. With barely a plan, practically no money but plenty of dreams, the girls catch a lift with Mimi’s handsome, mysterious friend Ben (Anson Mount) in his “73 Buick convertible. Along the way they not only gather experiences that will change their lives forever, but they also discover how important it is to hold onto their hearts” desires.

In a surprising move from Paramount, the DVD will be loaded down with features, many of them more related to Ms. Spears“ musical career than the film, but plenty of features nonetheless. An anamorphic widescreen transfer and audio in Dolby Digital 5.1 will be accompanied by an audio commentary with Ann Carli, Tamra Davis and Shonda Rhimes, the featurette 40 Days with Britney, seven deleted scenes with on-Camera introductions by Tamra Davis, music videos of and “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman”, domestic and international trailers and TV Spots, a photo gallery Britney’s DVD Welcome, First in Line – Inside the “Crossroads” Premiere, Break Through Britney,fun facts and inside comments accessed during the movie, karaoke videos for “Overprotected” and “I’m Not a Girl”, an edit you own music video feature and Taryn’s T-Shirts – How to make the t-shirts from the “I Love Rock n” Roll” karaoke scene.

Coming on July 23rd, the road-trip film will have a suggested retail price of $29.99. You can save over ten dollars by ordering now from the DVD Review Store.

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