More downgrades from Fox

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is prepping a new batch of their current special edition discs to be downgraded to single disc editions or pan and scan only editions. If past releases havew been an indication, the two-disc and widescreen versions will likely be discontinued shortly.

The new films affected are Big (pan & scan), Big Trouble in Little China (1-disc),Dr. Doolittle (pan & scan), Dr. Doolittle 2 (pan & scan), Fight Club (1-disc), Mrs. Doubtfire (pan & scan), Office Space (pan & scan) and The Sound of Music (1-disc). An interesting exception to these downgrades are the film Anywhere But Here, Simply Irresistable and Woman on Top which are also being released. All thre films previously available in anamorphic widescreen will now be made available with widescreen and fullscreen presentations.

All titles will arrive on August 27th and will carry various suggested retail prices.

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