Final specs on Amélie

Amélie was a delightful French import that has already been released as a fairly extensive DVD in Europe. But Region 1 fans of the film won’t have to wait much longer for the disc from Miramax which has a decent amount of material itself.

Amélie is looking for love, and perhaps for the meaning of life in general. We see her grow up in an original and slightly dysfunctional family. Now a waitress in central Paris, she interacts curiously with her neighbors and customers, as well as a mysterious picture collector and one of his even more mysterious photo subjects. Little by little, Amélie realizes that the way to happiness requires taking the initiative to reach out to others.

Arriving with a spiffy new anamorphic widescreen transfer, the film will contain both a dubbed English soundtrack and the original French audio with option English or Spanish subtitles. Three featurettes, The Look of Amélie, The Making of Amélie
and Fantasies of Audrey Tatou will dive into the world of Amélie. A Q&A session with director Jean Pierre Jeunet, audition tapes, a storyboard comparison, theatrical trailers, TV commercials, The Amélie Scrapbook, a behind the scenes segment, French poster concepts, and a photo gallery of he gnome’s travels will all make this one great disc.

The DVD Review Store currently has the DVD available for pre-order for $20.99, a nine dollar savings from the MSRP of $29.99. The disc will be available on July 16th.

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