Dragonfly appears from Universal

Universal Studios Home Entertainment is working on two different versions of the Kevin Costner thriller Dragonfly for release later this summer.

Dr. Joe Darrow is distraught over the sudden, violent death of his wife. But is she really dead? Suddenly, Joe is confronted with a series of bizarre, unearthly events. A patient returns from the brink of death – with a haunting, inexplicable message. He encounters a series of strange and impossible coincidences. Finally, his wife appears to him in an unsettling vision. With each supernatural event, Joe becomes more desperate, until he begins to suspect the shocking truth. Now, in a final shattering revelation, he will make the most astonishing discovery of all.

Like many recent releases, Universal will be releasing both an anamorphic widescreen and a fullscreen version of the film on separate discs. Both discs are packed with deleted scenes, an insightful featurette on the making of the movie, an audio commentary with director Tom Shadyac, a featurette with best-selling author Betty Eadie talking about her near-death experience, DVD-ROM features and a theatrical trailer.

“Dragonfly” will arrive on DVD on July 30th for $19.95. You can now preorder the disc at the DVD Review Store for only$18.89!

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