Charlie Chaplin gets the royal treatment

Warner Brothers Home Entertainment and MK2 have teamed up for a historic partnership to fully restore and reinvigorate the works of the film master Charlie Chaplin. Starting in the spring of 2003, the companies will release eighteen of Chaplin’s films from 1925 through 1958. Each film will be meticulously restored and released with the prestige and supplements of any current blockbuster including behind the scenes footage and other peeks behind the scenes. Although a few Chaplin films are currently available from various distributors with excellent quality, the majority of his work is either unavailable or poorly done on video. Of particular interest is the release of the 1925 silent film “The Gold Rush”. Although the 1942 version of this film is currently available from Image, no decent version of the original film with proper scoring and placards is available on DVD.

Each film will come with among other features, a thirty minute documentary created exclusively for the DVDs exploring each film with as much detail as possible. “The Great Dictator” will also come with a 47 minute retrospective look at the works of Chaplin.

No release dates or specific details have been set for any of these titles, but will begin arriving soon, and they will certainly be posted here.

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