Spider-Man: The Ultimate Villain Showdown is arriving on DVD

To tie in with the theatrical release of Sam Raimi’s live action version of Stan Lee’s Spider-Man, Buena Vista Home Entertainment is releasing the animated version of the movie on DVD.

Spider-Man: The Ultimate Villain Showdown pits Spider-Man against his greatest foes. It is head-to-head action against such super-villains as the Green Goblin, the sinister doctor Octopus, the monstrous criminal The Kingpin and more, and the film also reveals the origins of Spider-Man’s arch-enemy, the Green Goblin himself.

Scheduled for release on April 30, “Spider-Man: The Ultimate Villain Showdown” will also include Interviews with legendary comics creator Stan Lee, as well as the classic 1967 Animated Episode The Origins of Spider-Man. A Villains Gallery and cool menus round out the release that carries a suggested retail price of $19.99, but you can order your copy of the DVD in the DVD Review Store for only $13.99! Or get one of the cool Spider-Man posters on sale here!

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