Paramount begins to release I Love Lucy in seasonal order

Paramount Home Entertainment has just unveiled plans to begin releasing episodes from the cult TV-series I Love Lucy on DVD this summer.

To begin the releases, Paramount will release I Love Lucy: Season One – Volume 1 and I Love Lucy: Season One – Volume 2, both discs featuring four episodes of the series each. While it is very unfortunate that Paramount has decided not to release the entire seasons as one box set, at least each disc features a 100 minutes of Lucy’s frantic and hilarious antics.

“I Love Lucy: Season One – Volume 1” will contain The Lost I Love Lucy Pilot as well as the episodes The Girls Want To Go To A Nightclub, Be A Pal and The Diet . “I Love Lucy: Season One – Volume 1” will contain the episodes Lucy Thinks Ricky Is Trying To Murder Her, The Quiz Show, The Audition and The Séance.

The DVD will feature the series in its fullscreen aspect ratio, complete with the series’ Original Opening, Flubs, Special Footage, Behind-the-scenes Audio Featurettes, and Radio Shows as well as Cast and crew information and Guest Cast Information.

“I Love Lucy: Season One – Volume 1 and Volume 2” will be released on July 2, at a considerably low suggested retail price of $14.99 each. You can now order your copies at the DVD Review Store for only $9.74 each!

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