Enjoy a heapin“ helpin” of Beverly Hillbillies on DVD

The show that believe it or not, still holds many a Neilson ratings record is coming to DVD from Brentwood Entertainment. Beverly Hillbillies are going digital on two new DVDs.

The Clampetts, Ozark hillbilly family, accidentally stuck it rich when patriarch Jed, while hunting, shot the ground and struck oil. At the advice of their family and friends, they moved into the mansion next door to banker Milburn Drysdale, president of the Commerce Bank of Beverly Hills. Accompanying Jed to Beverly Hills were his daughter, Elly May, a beautiful young “spinster” tomboy; Jethro, Jed’s nephew and the brain of the family (with a 6th grade education); and Granny, Jed’s mother-in-law, a mountain healer and matchmaker.
The first disc contains the episodes Jethro Goes to School; Pygmalion & Elly; Elly Races Jethrine; The Great Feud; Home for Christmas; No Place Like Home; Jed Rescues Pearl; Back to Californny; Jed’s Dilemma and Jed Saves the Drysdale’s Marriage. The second disc features Elly’s Animals; Jed Plays Solomon; Duke Steals a Wife; Jed Buy the Freeway; Jed Becomes a Banker; The Family Tree; Jed Pays His Income Tax; The Clampetts Are Overdrawn; The Giant Jackrabbit; andThe Clampetts and the Dodgers..

All episodes are in their original fullscreen and mono. On June 11th, the Clampetts are loadin’ up the truck and a moving to DVD. Each disc will be available seperatly for $7.98. or together for $14.98

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