Disney is preparing a series of animated features in July

Buena Vista Home Entertainment has just unveiled plans for a series of animated feature film DVDs to hit retail stores in July. Scheduled for release in July, we will finally find the DVD debut of The Great Mouse Detective, as well as Gold Collection releases of Fox & Hound, Robin Hood and The Rescuers Down Under.

“The Great Mouse Detective” is scheduled for release on July 23, but at this time no specific details have been announced. The disc is available for preorder at Shop In Digital however, at this point.

The July 23 re-release of “Fox & Hound” will feature a fullscreen presentation with Dolby Surround audio and a few bonus materials, such as a booklet, called “Let’s Be Friends.” Also on the disc will be an Interactive Read-Along< an Interactive Trivia Game and the movie’s Theatrical Trailer. You can already preorder the disc at Shop In Digital.

On July 5, the Gold Edition of “Robin Hood” will come in a fullscreen presentation and also contain a “Robin Hood” DVD Storybook, an Interactive Trivia Game, the classic Ye Olden Days Cartoon starring Mickey Mouse and the Sing-Along Oo-de-lally. You can also preorder this disc already at Shop In Digital.

An July 23 the Gold Edition of “Rescuers Down Under” will feature an anamorphic widescreen transfer of the movie in its 1.66:! aspect ratio, with a 4.0 Dolby Digital audio track. The bonus materials on the release will include a DVD Storybook, an Interactive Trivia Game, the film’s Theatrical Trailer and the Booklet Animals Of The Outback. This disc is also available for preorder now at Shop In Digital.

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