Disney grants admittance to the Joy Luck Club

The vast majority of films released after 1997 were given the luxury of an automatic DVD release. Films in the few years prior to the launch of the format have not been as lucky. Buena Vista Home Entertainment is slowly beginning to fill in those gaps and is prepared to release the heartwarming story Joy Luck Club to DVD in June.

The uplifting story of four remarkable friends whose extraordinary lives are filled with joy and heartbreak. Their lifelong friendship reveals a mosaic of the startling events and conditions that have shaped their lives — and how these experiences have affected the hopes and dreams they hold for each of their children.

Like many catalogue titles, no special features have been announced for the upcoming DVD, but the film will contain a widescreen transfer.

Hitting stores on June 4th, the disc will have a $19.99 suggested retail price. You can save six dollars by picking it up at the DVD Review Store

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