Desert Rats is coming from Fox

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment continues to pump out quality war films. Next on the plate is the World War II story of two enemies come face to face. Desert Rats is coming to DVD in May.

British commando Captain Tammy MacRoberts (Richard Burton) takes charge of a hopelessly outnumbered but stubbornly defiant 9th Australian division at Tobruk in 1941 in their heroic stand against Field Marshal Erwin Rommel (James Mason) and his Africa Corps. Their new leader wastes no time in alienating his men by implying they are inferior, but the Australians prove themselves both plucky and amusing. Among the garrison is Tom Bartlett (Robert Newton), MacRoberts’s old English teacher at college who is a lowly volunteer and a raging alcoholic. When MacRoberts leads a commando raid behind enemy lines and is captured, he is taken to a German field hospital tent where he meets the infamous Rommel.

One of the early films of director Robert Wise, the film will come with very few features save for a collection of trailers for other Fox films.

On May 21st, the DVD will come home for $19.98. Order your copy today at Shop In Digital for as little as $13.99!

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