Columbia TriStar explains How to Make a Monster

In the last fifty years, technology has made all of our lives easier. It’s easier to communicate, entertain, and according to Columbia TriStar’s newest DVD, it’s even easier to create a flesh eating monster. The high tech horror How to Make a Monster makes its debut in June.

In “How to Make a Monster”, the secret laboratories and white coats of 1950s horror movies give way to the computer screens and software labs of Clayton Software, which enlists the talents of a misfit group of programmers to develop the scariest computer combat game ever made, “Evilution.” With four weeks to bring the game to market and a million-dollar bonus on the line, the programmers utilize a telemetry suit to render a 3-D version of the onscreen villain. But when a power surge gives the hard drive a mind of its own, the suit comes to life and begins playing the game for real – and the programming team finds itself in the middle of a chilling virtual nightmare beyond its wildest imagination.

The new DVD displays the film in both fullscreen and anamorphic widescreen with audio in Dolby Digital 5.1 and Dolby 2-Channel. The disc will contain no extra features.

If your interests lie in horror films, or you are looking for instructional material in your mad scientist lifestyle, “How to Make a Monster” will be available to own on June 11th with a price of $24.95. The disc is now available for preorder in our DVD Review Store for only $16.22!

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