Attention all soldiers, M*A*S*H season two is coming

The surgeons at the 4077th M*A*S*H are being prepped for twelve more hours of entertainment as Twentieth Century Fox prepares the second season of M*A*S*H for release in July.

Like the first set, the second season will carry all twenty-four episodes of the second season on three discs including, Divided We Stand, 5 O’Clock Charlie, Radar’s Report, For the Good of the Outfit, Dr. Pierce and Mr. Hyde, Kim, L.I.P. (Local Indigenous Personnel), The Trial of Henry Blake, Dear Dad…Three, The Sniper, Carry On, Hawkeye, The Incubator, Deal Me Out, Hot Lips and Empty Arms, Officers Only, Henry in Love, For Want of a Boot, Operation Noselift, The Chosen People, As You Were, Crisis, George, Mail Call and A Smattering of Intelligence.

All episodes will be presented in their original fullscreen with audio in their original audio mixes with the additional option of removing the laugh tracks.

On July 23rd, season two will be incoming with a price of $39.98.

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