An update on Star Trek features

The final information has come in on the supplements on Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 3 coming in July from Paramount Home Entertainment.

In addition to the 26 episodes of season three, the set will include “Mission Overview: Year Three” – this featurette discusses the major changes that occurred in Season Three with both old and new interviews. “Selected Crew Analysis: Year Three” – an in-depth featurette which looks at the growth of the continuing characters as well as a closer look at returning crew member, Dr. Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden). “Departmental Briefing – Year Three: Production” – this featurette offers a behind-the-scenes look at particular episodes from the production crew’s point of view. “Departmental Briefing – Year Three: Memorable Missions” – this featurette offers specific anecdotes about Year Three episodes. Sadly, Paramount has still decided against including television spots on the sets.

Due to beam down on July 2nd, the set has been given a suggested retail price of $134.99. The set is available for preorder at the DVD Review Store for $97.99.

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